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Before you can play the game you must first register. Registration is simple and free, all it requires is your email address, a password that you select and a screen name that you also select. To register, fill in the requested information in the form below and then click the Register button.

An activation code will automatically be sent to your email address. The email provides a link that completes your activation with just one mouse click.

Your email address is not given out to anyone else and will not be used to try to sell you anything or to send you any unsolicited messages. There are only two things that it is used for, one is to send you the activation code to make sure that you are a real person. The other is for login. You must login to play the game and may do so any time after your registration has been activated

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  • Email address must conform to standard email address format.

  • Password may be any combination of 6 to 10 letters (A through Z or a through z, case sensitive) and numbers (0 through 9).

  • Screen name is used for such things as information messages when you are logged in or for statistics such as top 10 scoring lists. It may be a combination of 3 to 20 letters (A through Z or a through z, case sensitive), numbers (0 through 9), spaces and the underscore (_) character. No other special characters are allowed.